ICICI Nifty Next 50 Index Fund

ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund


Corpus (Rs cr) (as on 28 Feb 2018)                                               27,800.54

NAV (as on 23 Mar 2018)                                                                       124.01

Expense ratio (as on 28 Feb 2018)                                                       2.20

Category average expense ratio (as on 28 Feb 2018)              2.22

Minimum investment                                                                 Rs5000


Good performance in the category

The scheme is ranked 2 in Balanced category by Crisil (for quarter ended Dec 2017) rank unchanged from last quarter. If you are already invested in this scheme, you may continue to stay invested. But, do keep a check on its performance.




Source- Mint, Money Control, Google.


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