Kotak Standard Plan




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We examine the key fundamentals of the fund, its portfolio and performance to help you make an informed investment decision. 


How has the fund performed?
With a 10-year return of 9.92%, the fund has outperformed the benchmark index (8.51%) but underperformed the category average (10.38%). 


The fund has underperformed some of its peers over the past decade. 


Annualised performance (%)
The fund has under performed across time periods. 

Yearly performance (%)
The fund’s returns profile has slipped in recent years. 



Date of launch: 29 DEC 1998 
Category: Equity 
Type: Large cap 
Average AUM : Rs 1,350.02 Crore 
Benchmark: Nifty 50 Index 


Growth option: Rs 220 
Dividend option: Rs 33 
Minimum investment: Rs 5,000 
Minimum SIP amount: Rs 1,000 
Expense ratio (%): 2.17 
Exit Load: 1% for redemption within 365 days 

* As on 5 June 2018 

Fund manager: Harish Krishnan 
Tenure: 4 years and 3 months 
Education: MBA 

Where does the fund invest?
The fund’s top picks are mostly index heavyweights. 


How risky is it?
The fund’s risk-return profile has slipped relative to peers. 


Wherever not specified, data as on 30 Apr 2018. source: Value Research 

Should You Buy
Earlier known as Kotak 50, this fund has been renamed to reflect its large-cap focus. It maintains the same approach as before— preferring businesses that are likely to grow at a faster pace than the benchmark index. The fund manager identifies growth sectors and then zeroes in on the leaders in the chosen sector. The fund prefers companies with strong brands or franchise and those less prone to recessions or cycles. The top picks in the portfolio are usually index heavyweights, but the remaining portfolio includes several stocks outside the index. The fund’s performance has slipped in recent years, hurting its riskreturn profile relative to peers. Investors may opt for a fund with a more proven track record till the time this one finds its feet. 



Source- Economic Times, Google.

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