HSBC MUTUAL FUND, NOTICE is hereby given taht the Trustees of HSBC Mutual Fund have approved the declaration of dividend under  the Dividend option of HSBC Small Cap Equity Fund (Formerly Known as HSBC Midcap Equity Fund  (Formerly Known as HSBC Midcap Equity Fund),  the details of which are as follows:


Scheme / Plan/ Option  Quantum of Dividend of Dividend (in Rs per unit)*  NAV of the Dividend Option (as on May 23, 2018) (in Rs per unit )
HSBC Small Cap Equity Fund – Dividend Option  2.00 25.1213
HSBC Small Cap Equity Fund- Direct Plan- Dividend Option 2.00 30.2534


The above dividend is subject to availability of distributable surplus in the schemes on the record date.

Pursuant to  to payment , NAV of the dividend options of the Scheme will fall to the extent of dividend distribution and statutory levy, if any.


Source:- Financial express, Google

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