Tax Advantage Fund

L&T Financial Services Mutual Fund Change Address



Notice is hereby given that with effect from May 18, 2018, the address of the Service Center of Computer Age Management Services Private Limited (“CAMS”), the Registrar and Transfer Agent to the schemes of L&T Mutual Fund (“the Fund”) located at Bareilly will change and the new address will be as follows:


Existing Address New Address

D-61, Butler Plaza, Civil Lines, Bareilly 243001 Email id:


F-62-63, Second Floor, Butler Plaza, Civil Lines, Bareilly 243001 Email id:

Investors are requested to take note of the above.

For L&T Investment Management Limited

(Investment Manager to L&T Mutual Fund)

Date: May 16, 2018

Place: Mumbai

Pushpavathi Kaundar

Compliance Officer




Source : Financial Express, Google

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